Entebbe Day

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On June 27, 1976, four terrorists forced an Air France Airbus to land in Uganda, in the heart of distant Africa. The hijackers freed the French crew and in a Nazi-like selection, separated Jews from non-­Jewish passengers. They released the non-Jews and kept 105 Jewish and Israeli hostages.The hijackers demanded that Israel release 53 convicted terrorists. A deadline was set before executions would begin.
The grim news haunted us daily. July 3 1976, like all the days since June 27, was a dark, seemingly hopeless and depressing day. And then it was the 4th of July.
Those of us who were here in Israel on that amazing day, July 4. 1976, will never forget the lifting of the weight from our hearts, or the joy that suddenly broke through with the news of the IDF rescue of the hostages.

Now, 44 years later, the echo of that wonderful day still brightens my soul. A 4th of July has never passed since 1976 that I haven't celebrated Entebbe Day.

For those who weren't here then, you can find the bare facts at https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-entebbe-rescue-operation

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