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Glick (Yiddish word for Hope)

One of the most haunting Yiddish songs of past years was a song called Glick, the title of this article. It literally instilled hope in the listener. A number of Jewish artists sang it. People like Jan Peerce, Richard Tucker, and even the Andrews sisters (I’m dating myself.)

We all want hope, but for many of us it’s elusive. Internal and external problems have us in a bind! But, without hope there is no answer to life’s circumstances. We wander around in a fog, and grasp at everything or nothing at all.

I know the feeling; I’ve been there. I felt trapped! It led to a depression that I thought would never end. I had to rely on a support group of good friends who would listen to me and assure me that it would pass.

The greatest strength was a reliance on God to see me through it. It was then that the 23 Psalm meant the world to me; glick came in a way I never thought possible!

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