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I’ve seen innocent eyes, living out their fantasy
Eyes not trying to hide, naked to ecstasy.
I’ve seen guilty eyes, shying from the truth.
At times searching, but indestructible in youth.

I’ve seen eyes absorbed in a crowd, laughing on cue.
I’ve seen those same eyes in fear, awaiting rescue.

I’ve seen mad eyes, wanting to devastate another.
Eyes that now believe, praying for his brother. 

I’ve seen eyes in love, giving everything, then more.
I’ve seen eyes in tears, at the shutting of the door.
I’ve seen tragic eyes, hollow and sunken in pain.
I’ve lonely eyes, unable to share and explain.

I’ve seen eyes self-fulfilled ignorant to rest.
I’ve seen eyes in self-pity, praying for death.
I’ve seen eyes incoherent, confused from the vine.
I’ve seen them all up close, for they were mine.

Terry Miller


Photo Eyes by Anna Cervova

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