One Moment Please

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Is it convenient to know when you will die?
To have the extra moments to say good-bye?
Maybe to visit some friends who really care?
Time to give a loved one something to share?

Do you want time to fulfill a childhood dream?
Possibly starting over at a young eighteen?
Would a week be enough, thirty days, a year?
Most of us will die in a few seconds of fear!

In a car or a plane or in the hospital it's a cinch.
Unaware of death 'til the hand's on the switch.
We'll be deceased like a snuffed candle flame.
No time for good-byes, unable to share blame.

Some will leave their souls for Satan to rob.
Take a moment please, to get right with God.
You should believe, the Bible's not a myth.
Call out to Messiah and bring life after death!

terry miller


Picture by: Mark Shagal. Public Domain

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