Someone Who Cares

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I'm writing to tell you of someone who cares,
Whose life and death brought something I must share.
At night when you lay your head on the pillow,
Do you wonder what future brings the morrow?

Will it be smiles or tears that await your day?
What if its death and you cannot run away?
"But, I'm too young," you say. "That won't happen to me.
I have too much to do. I see no tragedy."

Should you live; will you be happy and secure?
Or will it be another day of peer pressure?
Is there someone at your side, what's their excuse?
Does true love keep them there, or are you their use?

Who can solve your problems in life and death?
Who gives you hope and answers past your last breath?
Is it parties and sunrises until we're dim and old?
Is it selfishness and greed until we're grave cold?

No! There are answers. Not mine, an eternal promise!
There's something and someone you must not miss.
The Someone sweat blood knowing the painful end.
He gave His life, for your life to forever extend.

Spit on and flogged, He accepted horrible pain.
This unblemished lamb, God's Son, did not complain,
Even as He died for us. Death is sin's price.
The something is salvation! The Someone is Messiah!


terry miller

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