The Challenge

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Sometimes we are a group of lemmings looking for a cliff.
Sometimes we are believers with our lifelines adrift.
Instead of whispering hope we should be screaming salvation.
Instead of selling God's Anchor we are selling damnation.

Let's get off our pedestals and let's return to our knees.
Let's stop gazing at the weeds and look up pass God's trees.
We have been chosen to preach the Good News and more.
We are the blessed to go out and preach it to the poor.

We can choose the opportunity to jump-start the latter rains.
We can choose opportunities to explain the Son's blood stains.
Rally around each other and lift up our brother and sister.
Rally together with the good fruits to share and minister.
The challenge; to charge as saints than be wasted as a pawn.
Tie up your sandals and grab your canteen, we march at dawn.

terry miller


Picture by: Mark Shagal. Public Domain

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