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It's happening at the moment, deceptive veils all around.
Veils so thin and clear at first, like just a change of shade.
Similar to stepping from sun into the shadow of a tree.
Enjoyed at first, the eyes welcome the tiny degrade.

But as the mind gets used to the shade, more seemingly
Imperceptible veils lower and we accept that, too.
We go about our familiar to-do list enjoying another day,
Trusting legislators who remove liberties from me and you.

Some veils are repeated lies as if we'll accept it as truth.
Our Constitution is a mere speed bump slowing hidden laws.
Legal jargon and political correctness to fool the public.
Bringing death-care panels with Congressional applause?

Satan is on a rampage; welfare, TV, and internet.
Music, clothes, cars, and bling. Its life without a guardrail.
However, time is narrowing and God records us all.
Don't wait too late to see the Devil without the veil .


terry miller

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