Torah Study Lessons

A series of 15 lessons which cover important topics such as how to know God's will for our lives, faith, hope, why God allows suffering, what happens when we die, and much much more. Go to Lesson 1.

Welcome to the first lesson of the Jewish Heritage Scripture Studies. Each lesson in the series builds on the one before it and will help us grow in our knowledge of and love for God.

Each lesson will cover the life of one of our patriarchs or matriarchs and a specific lesson we can learn from their lives. For instance this first lesson is about Abraham, but it is also about faith.

We often say the phrase “the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” In the last lesson we learned about Abraham and Isaac, but who is Jacob and what role did he play in establishing the nation of Israel?

What lessons can we learn from Jacob’s life to help us in our walk with Elohim (God)? Let’s look in the Torah and find out.

Have you ever felt all alone, with no friends or family to understand what you were going through? Have you ever suffered from circumstances beyond your control?

Joseph endured the same predicaments. God carried him through, leading Joseph to a deeper walk with Him.

God’s Word has a solution for every situation in life. In past lessons we saw how Abraham was able to live a life of faith through God’s power, how Jacob was able to repent and be humbly sorry for his mistakes, and how Joseph was able to forgive those who had deeply hurt him.

King Solomon’s life clearly shows us God’s mercy and God’s willingness to work all things for good concerning us. God can cause the most horrible situation to end up blessing those who love God.

Stop and visualize a seven-year-old child you know. Maybe he’s a child of yours, a niece, nephew, or grandchild. Now try to imagine that child being the current Prime Minister of Israel or as the President of your country.