American Robins

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"He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7

Did you ever see a bird nest in a tree? How did that nest get there? A bird put it there. Did the bird find the nest somewhere and carry it to the tree? No. The bird had to build it there, didn't it?

In spring, the mommy robin is ready to build a nest. First she finds some dry grass or sticks. She carries them in her bill and puts them in the tree. Then she flies to another place and gets some mud. She carries the mud in her bill and puts it on the sticks and grass. Back and forth she flies. She brings more grass and more mud and more sticks. Very carefully she makes her nest just the way God taught her to do it

Why does the mommy robin need to build a nest? She needs a safe place to lay her eggs. When the nest is finished, she lays some bright blue eggs in it. Then she sits on top of the eggs and keeps them warm while her tiny babies grow inside the eggs. She has to be patient, because it takes a long time.

When the baby robins are big enough, they come out of their eggs. They are so very tiny. Are they ready to fly around and get worms to eat? Oh, no. They need their mommy to take care of them.

The mommy robin has to work very hard to find enough food for her hungry babies. She looks for worms and bugs and berries. When she comes back to the nest with food, the little babies open their mouths wide and say, "Peep! Peep! Peep!" Mommy robin puts food in their mouths. Then she flies away to find some more food for them to eat.

Does the mommy robin take good care of her babies? Yes, she does.

Who takes care of you? Your mommy and daddy do. Who gave you your mommy and daddy? God did. And God helps your mommy and daddy so they can give you food to eat and a home to live in.

God loves us very much. Shall we thank Him for taking good care of us?

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