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"God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1

Did you ever go for a walk in the woods? Did you ever see something that looks like the plants in these pictures? These plants are called moss.

Most moss plants like to grow in places where there is lots of shade and plenty of water. So you will not usually find moss in a dry, sunny field. Where is a good place to find moss? In a damp, shady place like the forest. Look for moss on the ground or on old logs. It also likes to grow on rocks or roots by streams of water.

Moss plants are usually very small, so it is easy to walk right past them. But next time you see soft, green moss, bend down low and look carefully at it. You will see some interesting things.

You will see that the clump of moss is really a lot of tiny moss plants growing close together. Pull up one of the tiny moss plants and look at its leaves. They are very tiny. But the leaves are very important. Moss does not have roots, so moss leaves get the water that the plant needs.

Sometimes you will see stems with bumps on the ends sticking up above the moss plants. What are those? Those little bumps are places where many tiny spores grow. Later those spores will grow into new moss plants.

Sometimes you can see different kinds of moss growing together. Sometimes you can see other tiny plants or bugs or snails in the same places moss likes to grow.

Be sure to touch the moss, too. Moss is very soft, and it feels nice to pat it gently with your hand.

Every time we look carefully at the little things God made, we see something special. Do you like to learn about the things God made? Of course. So let's not always walk quickly past those little things. Let's stop and look closely at them.

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