Cats 2

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“Six days you shall work, but on the seventh day you shall rest.” Exodus 34:21

What animal so you see in these pictures? Yes. These are cats. Do you have a cat or a little kitten?

Cats are so soft, aren’t they? We like to pet a cat. When we touch a cat, how should we touch it? Very gently. We do not want to hurt a nice kitty, do we? No. We want to be kind to the animals that God made.

What do cats like to do? Cats like to eat. Cats always seem to be hungry. If they hear you putting food into their dish, they will usually come running right away.

Cats also like to play. If you tie a wad of paper onto the end of a string and pull it along the floor, the cat will usually chase it. Sometimes cats like to play in paper bags or in boxes or under a bed.

Most of all, cats like to sleep. If a cat won’t play, it is probably because he wants to sleep. Cats like to sleep a lot, and kittens like to sleep even more. They sleep during the day, and they sleep at night, too.

Cats need to sleep a lot. Do you need a lot of rest, too? Yes. You need to sleep a long time every night, and you may also need to take a nap during the day. When you get plenty of rest, it is easier to obey cheerfully. Rest helps your body to be healthy, too.

God gave us something else to help us get the rest that we need. It is something very special—a whole day for rest. Do you remember what God called that special day? He called it the Sabbath.

Is the Sabbath a day for sleeping a lot? No. The Sabbath is for a different kind of rest. God wants us to rest from our every-day work and play. Then we can spend time with our families. We can worship God together. We can invite lonely people to our home. And together we can learn about the wonderful things that God made.

Are you glad that God gave us time every Sabbath for a special kind of rest?


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