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"God created man in His own image; in the  image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27

What animal do you see in these pictures? Monkeys! Are all monkeys the same? No. Some monkeys are big. Some are small. Some are brown and some are black. Some can use their tails to hang from trees, and some cannot.

Many animals have a special place for their babies. What do birds build for their babies? They build nests. Where do bears have their babies? In a den. And what do beavers build for their babies? A lodge. But monkeys don't build a place like that for their babies.

Monkeys take their babies with them wherever they go. When a mommy monkey wants to go somewhere, her baby hangs on to her fur very tightly. Then she can run on the ground or jump between branches, and her baby stays right with her.

Baby monkeys don't sleep in a nest. When it is time for a baby monkey to take a nap, it hangs on tightly to its mommy's fur. And when it goes to sleep, it keeps hanging on tightly. So while the baby monkey sleeps, its mommy can climb trees or look for food to eat, or do other things that she needs to do. God helps the baby monkeys hang on tightly so they can stay with their mommies all the time.

Do you remember who made our world? God did. Did God make the monkeys, too? Yes.

After God made the animals, He made people. Do you remember the name of the man that God made? His name was Adam. God also made Eve. She was Adam's wife.

Did God make Adam and Eve to be like monkeys? No. Did He make them to be like any other animal? No. God made Adam and Eve in a very special way. The Bible says that God made us in His own image. God made people to be like Himself. That's very special, isn't it?

God wants us to be like Him, too. God is kind, loving, and unselfish. He wants to help us be kind, loving, and unselfish like He is. Do you want to let God help you be like Him? If you ask Him, He will.

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