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“Thus says the Lord: … ‘Do no wrong.’ ” Jeremiah 22:3

Can you tell me what you see in this picture? This picture shows the ocean, and on the edge of the ocean there is a big, sandy beach. Usually there is lots of sand on a beach.

You can find sand in lots of other places, too. There is sand in the desert, sand in lakes, and sand in creeks. There may even be sand in a sandbox in your yard or at a park near your house.

Do you know what sand is? Sand is really just very, very tiny pieces of rocks.

Do you ever get to play in the sand? When you play in the sand, does some sand get on your clothes and shoes? Yes. Does sand even get in your hair sometimes? Yes. And of course, lots of sand gets on your hands.

What happens when you rub your eyes with a hand that has sand on it? Does some sand get in your eyes? Oh, yes. Does it feel very good? No, of course not. Did that ever happen to you? Did you feel like crying until someone helped you get the sand out?

Is a grain of sand very big? No. It is very, very tiny. It is so tiny that it is hard to see just one piece. So why do you cry when one tiny, little piece of sand gets in your eye? Because it hurts! Even though it is so small, it can hurt a lot.

Can something very tiny cause a big problem? Oh, yes. Can you think of anything else that seems tiny that can cause a big problem? Can saying just one little unkind word hurt someone? Or what about doing just one little selfish thing? If you say one little unkind word, or if you are selfish one time, can that make someone feel badly and start a big problem? Yes. And soon someone may be crying. Those bad things may seem very small, but they cause trouble that is even worse than the sand that gets in our eyes.

We don’t want to hurt anyone like that, do we? Shall we ask God to help us say only kind, loving words and do only unselfish things?

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