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"Go to the ant, you sluggard! Consider her ways and be wise." Proverbs 6:6

Did you ever stop to look at the place where ants live? Many kinds of ants make their home under the ground, and it is fun to watch them go in and out of their hole.

Ants are very busy, aren't they? All day long they hurry in and out, in and out of their home. What are the ants doing?

Many ants live in each ant home, and every ant has a special job to do. There are daddy ants, mommy ants, and ants that take care of the baby ants. Some ants are workers who take away the trash. Other worker ants make new rooms in the ant house. Many other worker ants look for food and bring it back to their home.

If you leave something sweet like honey on your kitchen table, an ant may find it. It will take some of it back to its ant home and tell the other worker ants. Then they will hurry back to get more honey.

How do ants get to all the places they need to go? They use their legs. How many legs do ants have? Six! And they use all six of their legs to help them hurry to get their work done quickly.

How many legs do you have? Just two. But do you need six legs like the ant? No. God gave you just two legs, because that's all you need.

How does God want you to use your legs?

You should use your legs to help you obey. ..

You can use your legs to help other people, too. ..

Do we need to be very careful how we use our legs? Yes. Let's ask God to help us always use our legs for obeying  and for helping other people.

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