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"Be thankful to Him, and bless His name. For the Lord is good." Psalm 100:4, 5

When you feel hungry, what do you like to do? Do you like to eat? When it is mealtime, we sit down at the table to eat with our family. We thank God for giving us food to eat. Then we can enjoy eating our meal. Do you like to eat the yummy food God gives us?

 What kind of food do you see in these pictures? It is a kind of fruit called grapes. Grapes grow on grape vines. God made some grapes big, and He made some grapes small. God made green grapes and red grapes and purple grapes. And they all taste very, very good.

Do you like raisins, too? Raisins are dried grapes. When the grapes are ready to eat, workers cut the bunches of grapes off the grape vines. Then they lay the grapes in the sunshine until they get dry. When they are dry, they are called raisins.

Raisins are good to eat. They are good to eat by themselves, or you can put them in your cereal, bread, or cookies.

Sometimes people squeeze grapes so that the juice comes out. Grape juice tastes very good. It is not good to drink too much juice, and we should drink water most of the time. But it is very nice to have grape juice as a special treat sometimes.

Are you glad that God made yummy grapes for us to enjoy? God gives us so many wonderful things, and so many kinds of tasty food to eat. Before we start eating our food, we should always remember to thank God for giving us such good food to eat. God is happy when we say, "Thank You" to Him.

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