Roborovski Hamster

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Have you ever met a tiny mouse-like creature and fallen in love? Be careful, it may happen to you one day!

The Roborovski hamster is an adorable little rodent, the smallest of all hamsters—which has become a sought-after pet in many parts of the world including the United States. The "robo" asks for very little in return for just allowing you to watch its cuddly, bullet-shaped furry body scampering furiously morning and evening, non-stop. One researcher reported the robo will run nightly the equivalent of four human marathons! That has to be a not-by-accident skill which they were designed with, so that with all possible speed—and facilitated by their not-by-accident longer hind legs and boundless energy—they might possibly escape danger.

When he is born the baby robo is less than an inch long and will grow another inch or two in size as an adult. He doesn't have eyebrows—but a spot of white fur just above his bright black eyes makes it seem so. Those large black eyes only stop to study you briefly before the robo determines where he will head next in an adventurous life of exploration—unless he accepts the warm safety offered and snuggles for a time in the crook of your arm. My granddaughter Julie, who named her robo Hamlet, was certain he had some kind of death wish! Why else would he want to lunge with total abandon from monumental heights—like from the arms of his human companion—when the drop to the floor has to be a dizzying multiple of his own length?

Actually it's not by accident that the Roborovski hamster would do this. Unlike other hamsters, these little creatures have no climbing skills, so they are not expecting to be at some dizzying height. No, these super-speedy balls of fur instinctively know that running into burrows or underground tunnels they have dug is the safest place to get to—quickly. So their God-given instinct is to get themselves back down to ground level (and below) as quickly as possible! Their Creator, not by accident, gave the Roborovski hamster those instinctive skills for burrowing and tunneling—perfectly suited for their native home in the Gobi desert and other dry desert regions of China and Russia that are also bitterly cold. Not by accident this tiny hamster who burrows some six feet downward during the warmer months, will arrange underground areas for storage in those tunnels. There they place food that will last them through the long winter. But if it weren't for their Creator planning ahead for them, they would have a major problem in the summer, transporting seeds, etc. to their winter tunnel pantries. Their mouths would be way too tiny to carry extra food—except that their Designer has given them—not by accident—flexible cheek pouches. Voila! Problem solved! The robos never leave their tunnels all winter, but spend the long cold months cuddling, enjoying their carefully selected stores. Obviously it was the Creator's joy to place within the little robo instincts and ability to plan ahead for its survival. With gifts equal to our position on this planet, God has placed within us humans abilities not only to plan ahead, but, with Him, to survive—not only cold winters but sorrowful moments—with hope!

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