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“Your hands have made me and fashioned me.” Psalm 119:73

 Do you know name the animal that you see in these pictures? This animal is a kind of lizard. There are many different kinds of lizards, but the ones you see in these pictures are called chameleons.

Chameleons can do lots of interesting things.

A chameleon has a long tail, which is sometimes curled up. But when it needs to, the chameleon can uncurl its tail and use it to help it climb plants and tree branches.

A chameleon has two eyes, just like you do. But chameleons can do something with their eyes that you can’t do. They can move each eye a different way at the same time. God made them like that so they can look at two different things at the same time.

A chameleon also has a tongue. But its tongue is not at all like your tongue. The chameleon’s tongue is very, very long; and it is sticky on the end. When a chameleon wants to eat, it waits for a bug to come close enough. Then the chameleon shoots out its long tongue very, very fast. The end of its tongue sticks to the bug, and then it pulls its tongue and the bug back into its mouth. It all happens faster than you can blink your eyes.

Chameleons have very special skin. Did you know chameleons can change the color of their skin? They can. The chameleon’s skin might be almost black one time and then, later, it might be brown or green. Its skin could be all one color when you see it at first, but later it could have spots or stripes on it. What colors are the chameleons in these pictures?

Why did God make the chameleon so its skin can change color? Sometimes chameleons need to hide, and changing colors helps them hide very well. Did you find all three chameleons in the pictures?

Like other lizards, chameleons do not like to stay where it is dark and cold all the time. They like to spend a lot of time in the warm sunshine. When you see a lizard next time, look to see if it is sitting in a warm, sunny place.

God made chameleons in a very special way. And He made you very special, too. He gave you two eyes and a tongue and just the right kind of skin that you need. Shall we thank God for making us just the way we need to be?

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