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According to the most recent polls, over the past 50 years, Americans have been pretty consistent in their belief of the six-day Creation as found in the book of Genesis. A little less than 50 percent still believe the Bible's account happened exactly as written. Others believe that undirected microevolution is the cause of all life on earth. Yet an increasing number of people, including many Believers, now believe in theistic evolution — also known as Intelligent Design.

With all the evidence mounting against it, the theory of evolution (or Darwinism) is coming under increasing scrutiny and doubt. Indeed, despite pressure and persecution from their peers, more scientists are rising up to boldly suggest that the complexity of even the simplest cell points to some kind of intelligent designer. Even though that seems like a good thing, and in some ways it is, the theory of Intelligent Design still falls woefully short of truth, because it still puts forth that it took millions of years of death and trial and error for a man to evolve from an ape-like ancestor. Moreover, those who support the theory usually have an unwillingness to name the designer, with some even going so far to suggest that aliens could have been responsible.

Therefore, Intelligent Design is still a de facto rejection of God's written Word.

Why? The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). Moses was bold about who did the creating and exactly how it happened. It takes a lot of biblical gymnastics to come to the conclusion that a plain reading of Scripture — that God took six periods of 24 hours to create the earth and all that is on it — is not how the first chapter of Genesis should be understood.

Intelligent Design also suggests that before Adam and Eve sinned, death was a natural part of life and was not a curse as a result of the rebellion against God.  This contradicts not only the Creation account and its "very good" characteristics, it undermines the fourth commandment — the seventh-day Sabbath. How God created, in an instant by His word, is a stamp of His power and authority.

Perhaps most important, Intelligent Design undermines the need for salvation through the Messiah's atoning death and resurrection. If Genesis isn't true, then the entire theology of the Bible can't be trusted.

Evolutionists warn that Intelligent Design is merely a gateway for creationists to get their agenda into public schools. But that's not true. Rather, Intelligent Design is a form of creeping compromise — a gateway for Believers to deny God's Word and arrogantly drift toward total compromise in their lifestyles and religious practice. A clear and complete understanding of God and our place in the great controversy begins with Genesis. Remember, if you believe in Yeshua, God in human flesh, then like Him you should believe that Adam and Eve, Noah's Flood, and Sodom and Gomorrah were real events that speak to our faith experience in ways that no simpleminded myth can.

You can ... and should ... trust God's Word. As you'll see in this magazine, science and logic give us plenty of reasons to accept the Creation account and, therefore, all that God says, asks, and commands of His people.  Not only is Genesis the true key to our past, it is a vital key to discovering true salvation. That's a great foundation to have. Don't neglect it.  Keep the faith.


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