The Green Garden

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Who doesn't like fresh vegetables and herbs? However, starting any garden may be a daunting thought. In your case, you love the planet so much that you can't wait to experiment with creating and maintaining a green garden. You may need help in getting your green garden off the ground, (no green pun intended). Follow these simple tips and remember that planet earth will thank you.


First determine where you want to put the garden. Make sure it is in a spot that will receive plenty of sunlight but will also be accessible to rainfall. Some previously owned homes already have an established garden spot. You may just have to revamp it a bit for that green twist. Your green garden can also be a windowsill garden or potted garden. It really depends on the type of space you have. Also make sure the garden is close to a water hose or sprinkler for the times when the rain cannot do the watering for you.

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