Repairing the World with Baby Steps

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The Ten Days of Repentance — the period between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur — are a time for Tikkun Olam, a repairing of the world. On a grand scale, we have an entire Middle East to improve — from overcrowded classrooms and hospital wards to overcrowding in central Israel. We deal with these monumental issues day and night, but there are also smaller matters, little scratches made by an inefficient system, which have quick and inexpensive solutions. One great example of this is a touching proposal submitted by MK Uri Orbach (New National Religious Party), who suggested that currency be printed on different-sized bills, to facilitate recognition by the blind. Following Mr. Orbach's example, I hereby submit my own list of improvements, for the benefit of the state and local municipalities. All of these suggestions will not cost even one shekel.

We should, for instance, permit local authorities to cancel an erroneous ticket; ban government bodies from demanding that documents be sent by fax in the 21st Century; severely penalize HMOs and any organization that works with them for requiring printed referrals and forms, instead of having them sent out electronically; deny survivors' insurance to relatives who refuse to donate their deceased loved ones' corneas (the only organ that can be used posthumously, even after the brain and heart cease to function); put a stop to the common practice of kindergartens that send children home for the afternoon on the day of a party, so they can "rest" before the event.

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Submitted to Shalom Adventure by: Brenda Miller

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