Israeli Dairy Farmers to Help Build Northern Iraqi Agriculture

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Kibbutz Affikim in the Jordan Valley plans to establish a dairy farm in Iraq's Kurdish region, with the aim of establishing further economic relations with Iraq in general. Evidently, a Kurdish delegation representing Northern Iraq's Agriculture Ministry visited Israel and expressed an interest in receiving agricultural assistance from the Jewish state, which has helped 50 other countries, such as China, Angola, and Vietnam, improve their agricultural industry by building dairy farms based on the Israeli model.

The Israeli farm in the Kurdish region is set to be the most advanced agricultural settlement in all of Iraq. Kurdish and Israeli officials have already made preparations for the produce produced in this farm to be marketed throughout Iraq. According to one Kurdish official, "Today it is difficult to find locally-made dairy products in our markets. However, we do have spacious areas suitable for growing hay and building cowsheds. We have the basis, but we need technology and knowledge. The production of milk today is done in out-of-date and traditional ways, as farmers lack professional knowledge and access to modern technologies, which we hope to complete through Israel. The Kurdistan government has set a goal to meet the demand for locally-produced food and curb the need to import basic food from foreign countries."

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Posted on Shalom Adventure by: Brenda Miller

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