Israeli Anti-Bacterial Fabric

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If you are like me when it comes to germs and consider yourself a public bathroom ninja in your attempts to avoid bacteria infested surfaces and are generally suspicious of the cleanliness of hotel blankets and hospital uniforms, you may appreciate this Israeli invention.

Professor Aharon Gedanken from the Bar Ilan University in Israel developed an antibacterial fabric by infusing it with zinc-oxide. The antibacterial effects of zinc-oxide are powerful enough to even kill antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA. The antibacterial fabric can endure as much as 65 washes at 197.6 degrees Fahrenheit, 100 washings at 167 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much hotter than medical facilities even require. On top of this it is said to be very cost effective to make and the treatment does not affect the fabric’s color.  (“Israeli Company Creates Antibacterial Fabric”, 2016)

The technology, which is to be used by the Israeli company Nano Textile, is patented in Israel and the U.S and is waiting for approval in Europe and Asia. Some suggested uses would be in hospital environments in patient gowns, staff uniforms, blankets, and curtains to reduce mortality and cross contamination. Some are looking beyond the medical field as antibacterial fabric has great potential. The pubic transpiration industries could be a good field to promote the use of antibacterial fabrics as well as hotels, restaurants, and those who sell clothing for personal use.  (“Israeli Company Creates Antibacterial Fabric”, 2016)

Sure, it may not address everything that is unsanitary, but it is a step to dealing with more things. I would enjoy public transportation more knowing that I don’t have to collect all the germs of everyone who has sat in the same spot before me. It would be nice knowing there were some extra precautions taken in keeping blankets in hospitals and hotels and other things sanitary between visitors. I would just hope companies and organizations that may use it in the future don’t think use antibacterial properties as an excuse to neglect the basics of washing regularly because you can use antibacterial material and still get stuff nasty stuff spilled on top of it which would undo some of the benefits.

I do think it is healthy to have some germ exposure to help build up the immune system’s natural resistance so I don’t get germs. Germs are not something we should try to avoid all together. But I think it is good to limit exposure especially in the hospital and other high risk areas for those whose immune system may already be compromised due to other issues.

Reference: Author Unknown (2016) “Israeli Company Creates Antibacterial Fabric” United with Israel received from

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