“Settlers” Provide Medical Treatment for Palestinian Child

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A six year old Palestinian was electrocuted and his parents rushed him to the gate of the Neve Tzuf settlement, seeking medical attention for the child. A medic who lives in the West Bank settlement treated the child who suffered from severe injuries. Members of the IDF Medical Corps helped the medic stabilize the boy until an ambulance from the Ofra settlement arrived. The child was then transferred to an Israeli hospital for further treatment.
Neve Tzuf has been at the focal point of West Bank tensions. Palestinian protesters clash with Israeli soldiers on a weekly basis in the area.

Baruch Ram, director of security at Neve Tzuf, related that "This was not the first time injured and sick people come here – especially in the winter. The assistance we give them does not help us develop good neighborly relations. We've never gotten a 'thank you,' and the truth is that I cannot explain it. We are fulfilling our duty and helping a person in distress."

The international community has been convinced that "the settlers" are the reason why there is no peace between Israel and the Palestinians. This story and many others demonstrate that this is not the case.


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Posted on Shalom Adventure by: Jeff Zaremsky

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