“Solar-Succa” – The Traditional Jewish Structure Meets 21st Century Tech

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succa solarThis Succa, the city of Kfar Saba will be hosting a unique type of municipal Succa – a “Solar Succa,” to operate on solar energy only.

The succa, chosen by Kfar Saba Mayor Yehuda Ben- Hamo, is the first of its kind in Israel to both be green friendly and operate in a cost-efficient manner, according to the city.

Near the succa, which will be in Kfar Saba’s municipal park, a system of solar panels will absorb the sun’s energy during the day which will charge and later operate LED lights during darkness hours, the city said.

The LED bulbs themselves are also considered energy efficient, and contain no toxic materials.

“The city of Kfar Saba is a city that was established on the standard of a green agenda and is one of the most advanced cities in Israel with regard to environmental protection,” Ben-Hamo said. “It is fitting that in a green city, which realizes in practice values of environmental protection, a green and energy-saving succa would be established, operating on solar energy only.”


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