Help Your Pets Become Part of the Green Revolution

Help Your Pets Become Part of the Green Revolution

If you own a pet and you want them to live an eco friendly lifestyle help them to become part of the green regime. They need to partake in saving the environment because they are just as important. Reduce the carbon paw print and act on your pet's behalf.

Use nontoxic organic shampoo to wash your beloved pets. When you shop for pet food buy in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic bags used to package the food. Get rid of junk food. Most pet foods that you find at the shop are made from low waste beef or poultry. It is not suitable for a human being to eat; therefore it can not be fit for a pet to eat. Buy organic pet food. The meat does not contain any hormonal or preservatives. If you buy in bulk you will use limited fuel and avoid going to the shop every day.

Hemp material can be used to create toys, beds and collars. The material is durable and eco friendly. Buy chew toys that are biodegradable as well as litter bags. If your pet is a cat avoid clay litter boxes. Cat waste can be a problem to get rid of. The waste contains parasites that can harmful to human beings. When you get rid of the waste make sure you wear gloves and put it into a biodegradable bag.

Put tags on your pets because if they go missing people can contact you immediately if they find them without you putting up missing posters and wasting paper. Control your pets with a leash when you go outdoors. Spade your pets. There are many homeless animals that need love and attention. Do not produce more homeless animals unnecessary. Rather adopt and save an animal before breeding more pets.

Use old cushions around the house to create a comfortable pet bed. Take old socks and make toys out of them. Recycle instead of buying new products that creates more waste. Train your pets and walk them everyday to maintain their health. Also visit the veterinary on a 6 monthly basis to make sure your pets are in a healthy condition and that they receive the necessary shots to prevent illnesses.

Pets need love and attention. They need to be looked after the way that you look after yourself. Groom them regularly and spray them with nontoxic pesticides. Brush their teeth and care for them as if the pet were your own child.

To make your pet become part of the green regimes requires your dedication to an eco friendly environment. It is no use if your pet is green and you are not. Live a healthy life with your family and your pets. Green is fashion and here to stay.

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