Lesson 2. Nouns: Gender and Number

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bokerWelcome to the Biblical Hebrew Journey!

In this lesson you will learn such basic features of Hebrew nouns as gender and number.

You will be able to read a small portion of the Hebrew Bible, Exodus 9:3 and translate it into English together with your instructor. In addition to that you will learn a few conversational phrases and some new words.

How to study this lesson

  • Please begin with a prayer
  • Watch the video
  • Download a free handout from here, print it. Read the handout thoroughly and practice
  • Memorize the essential vocabulary of this lesson. In order to practice you may use a flashcard set found here. Quizlet app is free, it is available for smartphones; use a smartphone to master your vocabulary
  • Watch the video lesson a few more times
  • Do the homework found in the handout
  • Review previously studied Lesson 1
  • Praise Adonai for His word


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