Israeli Visits to Greece Hits New Record

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Some 400,000 Israelis visited Greece last year, and a further growth in the number of tourists is expected this year, Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni told Yedioth Ahronoth last week.

Kefalogianni arrived in Israel with a large delegation to participate in the International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) held in Tel Aviv.


According to the minister, 2012 was a record year in tourism from Israel to Greece for several reasons – apart from the boycott on Turkey.

"Many Israelis have roots in Greece, and the wide audience receives value for money in our country with competitive prices compared to the region's countries. In the past year we have had 16 million tourists.

"We have developed sports tourism and religious tourism, and we're now developing medical tourism as well," she added.

Kefalogianni noted that Greece was a safe country for tourists. "Even when there were fiery demonstrations in the country, not a single tourist was hurt, because the Greek understand how important tourism is for the economy."

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