Time to Know: Israeli Innovation Improves Classroom Literacy

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Time to Know is an Israeli startup company that has tried to revolutionize education, believing that some of the previous educational styles of a teacher standing at the front of a classroom with a blackboard may be outdated in the more digitally captivated 21st century.

The model is based on the concept that children sitting in classrooms and regurgigating information is not the most effective education, and is not individualized enough to the different learning paces of students. So rather, this model, which focuses on language (Hebrew and then for select grades, English as well), math, science, and the social studies, issues each student a laptop and headset where students can progress through the material. An entire year’s worth of curriculum is already downloaded on each laptop for each year a student is in school.

Educational games, guided discussions, and video segments are integrated into the curriculum and students also have remote access to their educational materials for review purposes, homework, or outside study.

Written by Erin Parfet


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