The Miraculous Relationship Between the Jewish People and the Land of Israel

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Ollie Anisfeld’s commentary throughout this video documents an amazing relationship between the Jewish people and the literal land of Israel. He incorporates Bible passages to describe how Israel has traditionally thrived and been prosperous when the Jews are in the land, barren when the Jewish people were exiled form their homeland, and how God has consistently kept His word throughout the Torah and all of scripture.

 “Imagine if we told you that there is a certain area of land in the world where its fertility is dependent upon the people that dwell in that land. Would seem pretty preposterous right?” Anisfeld stated in the video.

“Agriculture doesn’t work like that. Either a land is fertile or it isn’t – it doesn’t depend on which group of people inhabits the land. Can land really have some kind of direct relationship with the people living on it? Well…we have some news for you. Such a relationship exists – and it’s between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.”


Written by Erin Parfet





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