New IDF Sea Drone Takes Out Suicide Submarines

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The Seagull Unmanned surface Vessel is one of the unique devices employed by the IDF to thwart attacks upon Israeli infrastructure at sea.


Seagull is a 12m boat made of aluminum and composite materials. It incorporates removable components allowing it to be configured according to the customer’s requirements.

Seagull is a multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) manufactured by ELBIT SYSTEMS to meet the maritime warfare mission requirements of naval forces worldwide. It is highly autonomous so as to minimize risks to human life and significantly reduce procurement and operating costs.

Unveiled at the Singapore Airshow in February 2016, the vessel is capable of conducting mine counter-measures and neutralization of all types of naval mines. It can also be deployed in anti-submarine warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance, electronic warfare, maritime security and hydrography missions.

ELBIT SYSTEMS successfully demonstrated its capabilities during mine countermeasure exercises in March 2016. Since that time the IDF has used it to defend against attacks at sea.

(Source: Naval Technology newsletter)

Written by Richard Paracka

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