Meet Talia Ein Hod

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Sha’ah Tovah, “Happy Hour”. 

When most of us think of “Happy Hour” we have visions of going to a place, often a bar, where “Adult” beverages are served at a lesser cost in the earlier part of the evening.  Now let’s take us to a place in Israel, Ein Hod, located in the coastal district of Haifa, the Northern region at the foot of Mount Carmel.  This is where nurse Talia has set up her “Happy Hour” for Therapists to rent space for them and their clients to meditate for spiritual and physical healing and wellness amongst this beautiful location. 

While it may be unrealistic for many of us to travel to this location couldn’t we set up our own Sha’ah Tovah right where we are by shutting off our phone, TV and other distractions for an hour, meditate on Torah and then go for a walk.

Written by Mindy Jacobs



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