Ancient Figurine Discovered at Tel Moza Outside Jerusalem

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The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced on August 29, 2012 that archaeologists have unearthed two stone figurines believed to be 9,500 years old.

In an excavation along the route of a proposed expansion of Israel's Highway 1 - the main Tel Aviv-Jerusalem thoroughfare - archaeologists uncovered the figurines of a ram and a wild pig or buffalo at Tel Moza. The ram, made from limestone, has intricately carved horns and is about 15 centimeters. The second figurine is more abstract and depicts a large animal with prominent horns that could be a bovine or buffalo.


"The sculpting is extraordinary and precisely depicts details of the animal's image; the head and the horns protrude in front of the body and their proportions are extremely accurate," said Dr. Hamoudi Khalaily, one of the co-directors of the dig from the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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