Jerusalem Tunnel Tour

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Watch this fascination video to learn more about a tunnel under the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City, nearly half a kilometer long and containing limestone arches, perfectly preserved hand carved Herodian wall stones, Roman and medieval styles of vaults, and an ancient water aqueduct.

"The most important events in the history of the Jewish people happened right here," Isaac Applbaum, a Silicon Valley angel investor on a board of directors for a foundation involved in the preservation of the Western Wall said in Business Insider. "I actually feel my ancestry, I feel my history, I feel my religion. My great-great-great-great grandfather worked here, toiled here, found his religion here. It's like coming home." 

There is unsurprisingly some friction between Jews and Arabs over the excavations into the tunnels under Jerusalem, especially with the proximity to some mosques, but the excavations have gone forth anyway,

"Why do we do all this? First of all, it's for us - this is our heritage," Applbaum continued. “Secondly, because so many people say we have no right to be here, that this isn't ours. This is the history of the Jewish people in real time." 


Written by Erin Parfet





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