The Dead Sea Scrolls are the Most Important Archaeological Discovery of the 21st Centuray

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This brief introduction to the most important archaeological discovery of the twentieth century provides understanding of Jewish culture before during and after the advent of The Messiah.

Professor Lawrence Schiffman outlines the discovery and cultural implications of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His presentation focuses upon an understanding of common Jewish culture of the second temple period during which the scrolls were composed.  

For instance, eighty percent of the scrolls were written in Hebrew while less than twenty percent in Aramaic and a fraction in Greek. The scrolls indicate Hebrew was the dominant language of the culture rather than Aramaic or Greek.

The Dead Sea Scrolls do more than validate the accuracy of modern text. They provide a benchmark guide to understanding Jewish culture of the second temple and how variations of religious discipline affected that culture.   It’s an intriguing presentation.

Written by Richard Paracka









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