In Depth Tour of the City of David

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Yishai Fleisher, managing editor of Jewish and Doron Spielman, senior director City of David guide the viewer on a tour of an ancient water channel below the old city of Jerusalem.


 Although archaeological exploration of the City of David began in the 19th century, some stunning discoveries have been made in recent years. In their YouTube video, Fleisher and Spielman examine important artifacts that prove Jewish settlement in the area flourished generations before the construction of Herod’s Temple in Roman times.

A video tour of the underground water channel that once connected the City of David with the Temple mount is traversed with emphasis on its recent discovery and the importance of it in historic times as well as our own.

Despite the attempts of many cultures and peoples to disprove ancient Jewish presence and ownership of the land, the recently discovered artifacts provide conclusive proof it had been theirs from time immemorial.

Written by Richard J. Paracka

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