Biblical Deniers Dealt Death Blow by Discovery of Joshua-Era Amulet

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Mockers have been around for centuries, since the Garden of Eden. It is important to understand the meaning of mockers. The word mocker is from a mid-15th century word, mokken, "make fun of," also "to trick, delude, make a fool of; treat with scorn, treat derisively or contemptuously;" from Old French mocquer "deride, jeer," a word of unknown origin, perhaps from Vulgar Latin.

Can stones cry out? You bet they can. Not only can they cry out, they can reveal God’s divine message of blessing and curse. Deuteronomy 11:29 speaks about the children of God setting a blessing on Mount Gerizim and a curse on Mount Ebal. The Hebrew word for curse in this verse is qelalah” קלָלָה. This word means accursed, cursing, imprecation. 

Take a closer look for yourself in the book of Psalms 1:1-6 and read through this as you watch the video. Ask the Ruach HaKodesh to reveal to you if you have any area that you may be mocking God through unbelief in a situation. Perhaps you may not be providing the testimony of the God of Israel’s’ identity, to those who you speak with. It may be an opportunity to ask them if they want a blessing rather than a curse on their life. It’s that simple and they may cry out “I need Yeshua!”

Written by Gemma Valentina Ph.D.


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