Porkless Passover Toast

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Introducing our exclusive brand new Shalom Adventure cartoon series Porkless created by the Zaremsky family. porkless passover toast or matzah big

In this episode David, the “star” (both literally and figuratively (like in figure form and symbolic form)), talks to a piece of toast while matzah laments his lot in life with a classic Jewish self-deprecating line.

Porkless, and its “star,” David, and a bunch of supporting cast members, will be a regular Shalom Adventure feature.

Some cartoons will be concerning Jewish life like the Holy Days.  Others will be about current events in Israel or in the Jewish world. Some will be political in nature, others about everyday life.

The title Porkless has several connotations to it, including being “kosher” (clean, upright, true) in content and not containing anything forbidden or unbiblical. Also, in US politics, there is a term when items are added to a bill that have nothing to do with the original bill but are tagged on because the original bill is likely to pass, where the add on probably would not pass on its own. The add on (pork) is usually added by a congress person to specifically benefit their district and thus benefit them in the eyes of their voters. Thus, Porkless strives to not contain any humor, or make statements, that are either unbiblical or for self-benefit.

Porkless seeks to tell the truth in a short humorous manner through the use of caricatures.

A large inspiration for the comic strip Porkless is the classic comic strip Dry Bones by Yaakov Kirschen. Kirschen has been publishing funny, truthful, Biblical, political, Jewish cartoons since Jan 1973.  

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