Time Well Spent

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A lot of people are concerned about their health these days and about the cost of plant-based options to maintain their health.

If you like soymilk it can easily be a real staple in your kitchen as it can be used for a lot of things. Organic soymilk may not seem terribly expensive as it often seems to average around $3 dollars per quart but even those seemingly little purchases can really add up for anyone regardless of how limited or generous his or her budget might be.

One of the best investments I have made is a soymilk maker because I would use a lot of soymilk for breakfast cereal and just to drink. But since I don’t make a lot of money it seemed best to make the investment in buying a soymilk maker to make it myself so I could save more money in the long run. And it proved to be quite a good investment provided that I checked the price of the soybeans to ensure that the amount I was spending was low enough to be cost effective because sometimes if the beans were very expensive it didn’t seem worth the extra effort if I might get about the same amount of milk for the cost of making myself as I would by just buying it already made if I was busy.

But even if I didn’t seem to be saving too much money on the price of the milk alone by making it myself there is another way I could because the pulp that is left over after straining it is very useful and provides an extra benefit. Because soybeans generally have a very mild taste you can add the pulp to oatmeal, cookies, and other things without much notice. Since beans provide fiber it can make you feel fuller faster and for longer than if you didn’t slip it into other foods. So by making your own soymilk you can save yourself money in more than one way. Another way is because it not only provides milk, it provides you with another source for cooking.

As the saying goes, “time is money.” We may often spend money for the convenance of not having to spend the time to do certain things but in order to save money we often may have to spend more time doing things that we otherwise wouldn’t do and this applies to things beyond soymilk. As the Jewish proverb says, “Lazy hands bring poverty, but hard-working hands bring riches.” Proverbs 10:4 You may take the time to make your own pizza or snacks from stretch instead or ordering takeout. You may have to spend more time to tailor a pair of pants or some other piece of clothing yourself instead of taking it to a shop and paying more for it to be done. Not doing things ourselves is not always a matter of laziness. We may not always be able to do some money saving things but we shouldn’t view this as an all or nothing affair. Do what you can do when you are able. Even if you can’t do much, trying something useful is still better than not trying at all.

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