5 Things You Definitely Need to do Before Signing Your First Apartment Lease

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We're currently reading "The First Apartment Book: Cool Design For Small Spaces" by Kyle Schuneman and Heather Summerville.

The authors provided some useful tips for apartment hunting that we had never thought of before, but that make total sense to ensure you're really getting the best place possible.

Here were five of our favorites:

1. Flush the toilet — and turn on the shower. These are helpful indicators of the water pressure situation.

2. Do a drive-by. "Most apartment viewings happen during the day, when everyone is at work. To get a more accurate feel for the block and parking situation, walk by after dark, or use Google Maps Street View to cyber-stalk your potential new neighborhood," the book says.

3. Bookmark this site:BedbugRegistry.com. That website reveals if there were ever bed bugs at that address, and if so, when.

4. How much is milk at the convenience store? See what the average rate of milk and laundry in the area is. If you're paying more than average for those that will increase your monthly budget in addition to rent.

5. Call someone who cares. Make a call from every room to see what cell reception is like. It'd be a huge bummer to not be able to use the phone in your new home.


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