Gad Elbaz Mah Nishtana

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More music created specifically to honor the Passover:

The Passover story starts off with the Egyptian ruler Pharaoh enslaving the Jewish people residing in Egypt, and then decreeing that every Jewish son be killed. One Jewish child, Moses, is saved from this diabolical phot and adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grows up, and is commanded by God to command Pharaoh to free the Jewish people from slavery. Pharaoh says no, and God responds by unleashing the ten plagues against Egypt. The tenth plague involved God passing over the land of Egypt and killing the firstborn son of every household.

The Jewish people however have been told to mark their doorframes with the blood of a sacrificed lamb, so God passes over their homes sparing their firstborn. The Jews to this day give thanks for being “passed over” and protected from God’s plagues upon the Egyptian people. Pharaoh finally decides to let the Jewish people go free, but then has second thoughts. The final showdown of this story involves Moses and the Jewish people being trapped by Pharaoh’s army in front of the Red Sea with supposedly nowhere to go, and God in His amazing mercy intervenes and parts the Red Sea allowing the Jewish people to freely pass into their homeland of Israel.

Written by Erin Parfet

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