Get Up for Simchat Torah - Roar Parody

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Simchat Torah comes after the conclusion of the Feast of Tabernacles, and references “rejoicing in the Torah,” which is certainly depicted in the lighthearted video below:

After all the repentances, prayers, and celebrating of the various festivals and observances of the past few weeks, Simchat Torah is a one day time period to reflect on the centrality of Torah in our daily lives, and have those ancient truths re-established as a central focal point in our lives we go forward into the next year. Torah scrolls are often removed from the ark, and there is much joyful singing, dancing, praising, and celebrating with loved ones on Simchat Torah. After all, the Torah is what grounds us and gives us guidance from God as to how to live our lives in ways pleasing to His perfect and holy will.

This is a joyful holiday that is an extension of the Sukkot festivities, because living the Torah and walking in God’s will for our lives is a beautiful, joyous thing and should not only be joyful on this particular day, but all the days of our lives.

Written by Erin Parafet

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