A Comical Look at Hanukkah - the Original Christmas

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This video takes a creative look at some foods traditional to Chanukah, including sufganiyot, sometimes dubbed the original Jewish donut, and introduces some the wild and crazy flavors of sufganiyout one might encounter outside of the traditional fillings.

What is sufganiyot? It is indeed similar to donut, made from a sweet yeast dough and filled with jellies of various fruits. Strawberry or raspberry jelly is the most common, though technically any fruit would suffice. This sweet dessert is enjoyed not only in Israel but around the world at Chanukah, and after the jelly filled dough concoctions are made, they are deep fried in oil to make them more tasty but inevitably even more unhealthy than they already are, then are topped with powdered sugar.

The significance to Chanukah is deep frying in oil, and parallels to the common understanding of Chanukah being about the oil lasting for eight days. While this is indeed a miracle, and God can certainly make oil last eight days or as long as He pleases, we know there are deeper themes to Chanukah including religious liberty and preservation of the Jewish people. However, that does not stop the tradition of the deep fried donuts from continuing.

Written by Erin Parfet



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