Adam Sandler Chanukah song

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“Put on your yarmulkes, here comes Chanukah. So much fun to celebrate Chanukah,” sings Adam Sandler in his definitive popular song about the Jewish holiday.

Meant to poke fun at the lack of national Chanukah cheer, Sandler first performed his song on the popular TV show “Saturday Night Live” in 1994.

Sandler’s lyrics provide a long list of entertainers with Jewish backgrounds including such notable performers as Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner whose parents fled Eastern Europe as well as Paul Newman, Goldie Hawn, the Three Stooges and many others.

The song has become a seasonal favorite and ends with the invitation for everyone, “If you really, really wannnakah Have a happy, happy, happy, happy Chanukah.”

Written by Richard Paracka






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