Chanukah - The Dreidle Game

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Jewish a cappella group Shir Soul plays the popular Dreidel Game with an added musical flair. As the game progresses, players rotate singing separate voice parts as well as songs.

Each of Shir Soul’s members sing a particular voice part as they play the Dreidel game. One sings the melody, a second player sings harmony, a third sings bass and the forth player sings beat-box.  Each time the Dreidel is passed the singers change their part as well as the song the whole group sings together.

The first song is Dreidel. When the Dreidel is passed, players change voice parts and sing Mi Yimalel. The third time the Dreidel is passed voice parts are swapped again and the players sing Ma’oz Tzur. On the forth pass, we hear another change in voice parts to the tune of The Mashup. It’s fun to watch - repeatedly.

Be sure to click ‘show more’ for a numeric list of chapters if you sing along and change voice parts when you pass the Dreidel at your own table.  Chocolate coins are optional.

Written by Richard Paracka






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