The Maccabeats - Pan Fry

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Jewish a cappella group Maccabeats offer a parody of two songs originally performed by Lil Neis X to celebrate the Chanukah season.  They call their own musical creation “Pan Fry.”

The Maccabeats create their own version of “Old Town Road” and “Bad Guy” by blending historic reminders of the origin of Chanukah into the original tunes.

Using little more than a clean-cut presentation, the human voice and a bit of Jewish humor, this group is able to connect with folks of all ages and backgrounds.  Their performance of “Pan Fry” sparkles with entertainment value.

Hint: Don’t stop watching the video when you see the closing credits and color bars.  The show’s not over because there are some good outtakes to watch.

Written by Richard Paracka






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