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Accounted in the Biblical Book of Exodus, the miracle of Pesach (translated from the Hebrew as"passed over”) commerates the miraculous redemption of the Children of Israel from Pharoah’s tyranny on the 15th day of Nissan.

The Torah explains how Pharoah enslaved the Jewish people in Egypt, but how Moses at the directive of the Lord attempted to convince Pharoah to release the Israelite people from the chains of slavery. Pharoah refuses Moses’ request initiating the ten plagues descending upon Egypt, culminating in the slaughter of the firstborn with the tenth plague, and yet the plague passing over the homes of the Israelites sparing their lives. With this, Pharoah finally surrendered, liberating the Jewish people.

However, Pharoah soon had second thoughts about this decision, and pursued the Israelites, catching up with them at the shores of the Red Sea. God miraculously intervened, and Moses extended his staff over the sparkling blue sea, parting the waters allowing the Children of Israel to safely exit the barren land of Egypt. The waters did not remain parted long, drowning Pharoah and his henchmen.

Written by Erin Parfet

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