HOPE - Fountainheads

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The Fountainheads are an Israeli music group that traditionally juxtaposes Jewish lyrics into covers of popular songs, but has also produced few original works with original lyrics. Most of the musical works are based around the themes of the Jewish holidays, including Israel’s independence.

“Across the ocean, under the blue sky, the sun is rising, it's climbing so high. I know a place where we can be freer. We will be stronger. So long, we be keeping our hope, talking about tikva, talking about hope, talking about tikvah.

This is my homeland, this is my story. I build my future with ancient glory. So take my hand now, we'll be together. The days are brighter and we be dreaming of...(Falafel just got real)...hope, talking about tikva, talking about my hope, talking about tikvah, "anu machrizim bezot.”

We hereby declare, “Al hakamat medinat Yehudit,” the establishment of a Jewish state “Be'eretz Yisrael” in the land of Israel, “He Medinat Yisrael.”

The State of Israel, hope, talking about tikva, talking about my hope, talking about tikvah, od lo Od lo Od lo Avda Tikvateinu.

We haven't lost our hope. And we be singing of hope, I got my tikva. Show me that hope, show me that Tikvah. T-I-K-V-A, OK! Now you got what I'm saying. Tikva, tikva, come on, come on. We talking about, not giving up; we're rising up.

Show me, show me my hope, it's that sound, can't get me down. Not giving up hope, I still got hope, I got my tikva, show me that hope. Show me that tikvah; I still got hope...”

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