Richard Tucker

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Richard Tucker was one of the greatest tenors to ever sing for the Metropolitan Opera.  He was also an orthodox Jewish cantor.  He ranked as one the best.  I have one of his recordings of a Passover Seder, tremendous!   He was definitely a role model for me when I sang.  Everything that he was as an opera singer/cantor, I wanted to be when I sang.

When I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, the Metropolitan Opera would come every year for a week.  If Richard Tucker came, I was sure to be there.  His renditions of standard operas were superb.  I knew that as a cantor, he was committed to God also.

I read a story about him having to do with a certain conductor. Because he sang in other opera houses, such as La Scalla, in Milan, Italy, he refused to work with a conductor who was known to be a Nazi sympathizer.  He asked for someone else, and the opera house changed conductors.

Richard Tucker died of a heart attack at the height of his career.  Not only was he one of
the world's greatest tenors, but a man of compassion and conviction.

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