Sovereignty Over Jerusalem

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Jerusalem is one of the most contested cities in the world. During the Six-Day War in June 1967, the Israelis captured the eastern part of Jerusalem. The Jewish people have affirmed it to be the eternal capital of Israel. On the other hand, the Arabs believe it should be the capital of a future country called Palestine. Who should have sovereignty over Jerusalem, the Jews or the Arabs? There is biblical, historical, and archaeological support for Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem.


When the Jews began to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem after the Babylonian Captivity (circa 444 B.C.), they experienced opposition. The leader of the Jerusalem wall-rebuilding program was Nehemiah. This is what Nehemiah said, "You see the trouble we are in: Jerusalem lies in ruins, and its gates have been burned with fire. Come, let us rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and we will no longer be in disgrace." (Nehemiah 2:17, NIV) Here was the response from the opposition: "But when Sanballat the Horonite, Tobiah the Ammonite official and Geshem the Arab heard about it, they mocked and ridiculed us. "What is this you are doing?" they asked. "Are you rebelling against the king?" (Nehemiah 2:19, NIV) Nehemiah answered them by saying, "The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding, but as for you, you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it." (Nehemiah 2:20, NIV)

The Jewish people have a historic right to Jerusalem. King David (circa 1004 B.C.) moved his administration from Hebron to Jerusalem. From 1004 to 586 B.C., Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews. Although the Temple was rebuilt after the Babylonian Captivity, Judea was occupied until the Macabees liberated it from Syrian control around 168 B.C. From 168 B.C. to 64 B.C. the Jews maintained an independent nation. In 64 B.C. the Romans occupied Judea. From that time on various Gentile regimes ruled over Judea including the Romans, Persians, Crusaders, Ottoman Turks, and the British. History records that Israel became an independent nation again in A.D. 1948
and reunified Jerusalem in A.D. 1967.

Israel's treasure-trove of archaeological relics substantiates Jewish links to Jerusalem. One example is the hotly contested Temple Mount, which contains verifiable evidence of early Jewish habitation predating the Moslem era. The retaining wall(Western Wall) surrounding the Temple Mount was erected prior to the construction of the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Asqa Mosque. The remains of the Western Wall(Wailing Wall) are substantial proof of Jewish involvement in Jerusalem centuries before Islam came into existence. For further study on archaeology, check out Biblical rchaeological Review.

In conclusion, Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. One only needs to examine the evidence proving that Israel should have sovereignty over Jerusalem. Israel needs our support like never before. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem; May they prosper that love thee." (Psalms 122:6, JPS) Finally, Yeshua (Jesus) is the only hope for genuine reconciliation between the descendants of Isaac, Ishmael and all mankind.

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