Who is a Jew Survey Part 2

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who is jew iiIn our last survey we told a story of two people. David was raised Jewish and became a rabbi. Barry was raised as a Catholic and became a priest. They find out that there was a mix up in the hospital when they were born and they were raised by the other’s parents. To read it go here.

Your survey vote was very interesting and in the future we will give a recap of it all.

But we want to continue the story and get your feedback:

What if:

When Rabbi David finds out his biological parents are Italian Catholics he quits his job as a rabbi, is baptized, attends the Catholic church regularly, and acquires a taste for bacon.

When Priest Barry finds out his biological parents are Jewish he renounces his Catholicism, has a bar mitzvah, is circumcised, gets married, acquires a taste for bagels, goes to yeshiva and becomes a rabbi.

Question 1

Who is the real Jew?

Question 2

Also, please answer:

Images used for the collage:
Jewish symbolism: 2nd century Rome gold goblet shows Jewish ritual. Source.
Catholic symbolism: Early use of a globus cruciger on a solidus minted by Leontios. Source.

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